this is me in my happy place last summer!

Welcome to
The Eco Print Co



so lets cut to the chase,


my name is chloe and i'm from/live in manchester.


so over 8 years ago i started studying art & design at college in manchester and progressed from there... i started out by studying illustration and craft work but started to have a love for card making. i always said one day i'd open my own online store to show my work and here we are...

so our main goal here at the eco print is to promote eco friendly materials. 10% of the earnings we make here go straight to environmentally friendly charities to help make the world a healthier place! so to do this we create all of our greeting cards with eco-friendly materials only including recycled materials, acid free and lignin free materials! 

i really like my work to have a positive outlook - i want others to look at my work and feel good - and inspired! inspiration is what i love most about art! 

i also think it's important to show one another how grateful we are for each other - whether that be sending a loved one a gift or even a plain simple greeting card. start your gratitude list today by sending someone you care about our one of a kind handmade greeting cards. 

if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me here or at

ps - i can create custom orders if you wish - just let me know!

thank you for visiting!

chloe. (founder and owner of the eco print.)