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November 12, 2017

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5 tips for finding balance in your life.

November 14, 2017

It's our daily routines, habits and little everyday actions that explain how calm and productive we feel. When you have a plan for finding balance between the different areas of your life, it's so much easier to work productively and find more time for what matters. Be inspired to live the life you want to live with these super easy ideas. Plus discover the perfect tools to get you there!


Define your values and goals


There are so many different things we could spend our time on if we choose to do so. The first step to simplifying your life and making time for yourself is to set goals and define your values. Write down three to five things that are important to you, from having time to exercise to expressing your creativity. Then set achievable goals that will help you live a life in adherence with these values. Check back in with these weekly as this will help you set boundaries and concentrate on the things that matter to you in your everyday life. 


Schedule in 'me-time' (So important guys!)


In the same way you schedule in meetings or work events, be sure to block out time to exercise, socialise or even just read a book. Making time for yourself is just as important and when you treat it as a priority, you won't be tempted to let work cut into your personal time.


Set your morning routine


Awesome days start off with awesome morning routines. There's absolutely nothing worse for your wellbeing than starting each day stressed and rushing. Why not set your alarm a little earlier so you have time to make a healthy breakfast, prepare lunch or to exercise or meditate? You'll be amazed at the difference doing this can make to your mood during the day -- Exercising in the morning even just for 15 minutes helps release endorphins which means a happy mind and a healthy body everyday, win win!





Get more sleep


Of course, waking up earlier starts with going to sleep at a set time. Everybody needs a different amount of sleep so be sure to work out how much your body needs and then make sure you get into bed on time. Cut out digital distractions at least an hour before bedtime and love welcoming better quality sleep into your life -- as hard as it is, try to stay off your phone when trying to sleep, it overstimulates your mind which then makes it harder to fall asleep (Trust me, I've been guilty in the past so I totally get it but do try, you will thank me later!)


Set boundaries


Finding balance in your life means knowing what to say yes to and when to say no. Explore unique ways you can set boundaries in your life and love the feeling of having more control over your time. This could mean anything from only checking emails twice a day to not responding to work questions after hours. Saying no sometimes means you'll have more time and energy for bigger projects and ideas.



We really hope these little daily tips help you find balance or at least help improve your day-to-day life.