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how to write meaningful & beautiful christmas cards: be inspired.

November 12, 2017

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15 ideas for everyday inspiration.

November 22, 2017

Feeling inspired each day can do so much to improve our happiness, productivity and overall wellbeing. Sometimes just doing little things throughout the day can help us all to remember our purpose so we feel connected to what really matters. We hope these simple and fun ideas help you add a little inspiration to your everyday life. Pick the ones that work for you, or try them all!



1. Have a plan!


Setting your intentions for the days to come can help you feel like you're working towards something meaningful. You have to know where you're going before you can work towards getting there plus having a daily plan keeps you in control of your life. 


2. Define your values


When thinking about what you want to achieve and actually getting there, it helps to know what really matters to you. Why not write down a list of all the things that are important to you; from a hobby you love to having time for friends and family? Keep this list somewhere you can see it each day.


3. Be visual


It could be something as simple as hanging a painting you love in your work space, adding photos of your family and friends or even decorating with a gorgeous quote card; keeping a visual reminder to keep going is sure to make you smile throughout the day.




4. Declutter


A tidy life means a tidy mind and there's nothing more irritating than piles of paperwork. Use folders and magazine holders to keep your workspace clear and simple so you look forward to sitting down at your desk each day -- It sounds like nothing but trust me, it makes a huge difference!


5. Be kind to yourself


No matter how hard you try, some days are not going to be as productive as others. Remember that this is perfectly normal and don't allow stress and anxiety to creep in. Take a walk, go to a yoga class or simply take a few deep breaths. Remember that you're amazing, love yourself because there's nobody like you and be sure to celebrate each success!


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